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Welcome to Mibrum Co Ltd, a trademark for high quality used cars and used trucks. Mibrum Auto Dealer specializes in UK car imports, Japan cars, trucks and spare parts.

At Mibrum Auto Dealer you will definitely find what you are looking for because we offer a vast selection of vehicles: from affordable hatchbacks, saloons, station wagons and vans, to high-class sports cars, 4X4s and SUVs, as well as trucks.

Among the large selection of Japan cars we stock you will find Toyota, Mazda, Daihatsu and Nissan; UK imports include Ford and Toyota; while the main Japan truck imports are Isuzu and Toyota. We also import cars suitable for people with special needs from Japan.

All the cars imported from Japan are AIS certified, meaning that they have passed rigid quality testing by the Automobile Inspection System (AIS), an internationally recognized vehicle inspection authority.

Mibrum Auto Dealer also stocks an extensive range of car spares, truck spare parts and half cuts, and orders any parts that might not be available from stock.

Mibrum Auto Dealer is a member of UVIA (Used Vehicles Importers Association - Malta).

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